Portfolio of a selection of ranges, illustrations, moodboards, storyboards, and garments, created from beginning to end by Nicole


This collection is a fusion of 1950s and punk, two very contrasting eras and styles: one representing traditionalism and a classy, timeless style, whilst the other represents anti-establishment and rebellion. My range is both sweet and sassy, featuring my hand-painted tartan print and is overall a reflection of my own personal journey of moving interstate myself this year to explore my true self - breaking free of the chains of other's ideas of who I am, whilst always maintaining a level of sophistication.

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Whilst interning at Dangerfield, I completed a design project. Designing to a High Summer brief set for me by my supervising designer, this is my mood board and CADS, featuring a tartan and polka/coconut swatch created by myself.



Comfortable clothing to help you connect

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This album exhibits an outfit from my range line-up, Pastel Punk. The aesthetic is a combination of edgy and feminine, sweet yet strong, quirky yet authoritive.

Inspired by classic punk styles and juxtaposed personalities, Pastel Punk aims to provide alternative daywear apparel for the woman whose mission is to conquer the world with fierce cuteness.

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Like a chameleon, this design is exceptionally adaptable. Multi-functional best describes its ability to transform into 50+ different outfit variations, and there is even a matching clutch accessory.

Black Chameleon was ethically designed and made, utilising absolutely ZERO waste. Every last bit of fabric was used in construction, even the leftover tiny scraps!

Making the most of the required briefs of versatility, zero waste and utilizing the given textile, Black Chameleon was showcased on Runway for the Premiers Design Challenge, wowing the audience and judges at Adelaide Fashion Festival 2017.



The ‘Nadine’ Jumpsuit was born from my admiration for the deliciously dreamy aesthetic of the fabulous 40s and 50s eras. Whether worn for work or play, I hope for my design to make any woman feel feminine, composed and classically elegant. I especially hope to achieve this through the use of a soothing baby-colour scheme, and through the cohesive prevalence of circular features (e.g. buttons & belt buckle), which serve to represent a “well rounded” woman, someone I personally aspire to be.

The Woollen Jumpsuit was showcased on runway at the Sheepvention event at Hamilton Showground, as well as the Royal Adelaide Show in 2017.



This layered, three-tone dress was designed for 'a day at the races', however, the timeless colour palette and style is also perfect for corporate settings and other special occasions

This garment was showcased on Runway at the Morphetville Races and at a graduate millinery hat parade, earning its place on the State Institute’s poster.