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About My Showcase Collection:

"Goodness Gracious!"

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my blog. Originally based in Adelaide, I made the move to Melbourne this year to undertake my third year of my Bachelor of Fashion Design, and I haven’t looked back since. 

Moving from Adelaide to start a new life and pursue my dreams was no easy task, and is still a work in progress. For my third year showcase collection, I wanted to create something that represents this personal journey, as well as who I aspire to become. As a result, my collection is inspired from my personal life as much as it is from research and aesthetics I am passionate about. It signifies a rebellion from my past, an evolution into a new me, a version of myself who is unchained from preconceived ideas and opinions of those surrounding me. This collection is a physical, visual manifestation of my goal to maintain aspects of my ‘traditional’ self, but with a new twist of freedom. Out of this, my collection, “Goodness Gracious!” was born: a fusion range based on a ‘1950s’ crossed with ‘punk’ theme.

There is a real focus on an internal vs external juxtaposition, including in both social values and visual appearance in terms of this concept. When I think of the 1950s, I immediately think of a traditional era filled with elegant, timeless designs and “housewife” culture. The term “housewife” to me, means more than just housekeeping, cooking and raising children. To me, it represents being trapped and enslaved, under the guise of being a “good girl” and a worthy partner. In a metaphorical sense, I feel I have been a “housewife” to the emotions of others for most of my life. I have conformed to the expectations of others and defined myself by their own standards. While the 1950s was an age of respectability and conformity, the ‘punk’ era directly contrasts this, representing anarchy, an aggressive movement of anti-tradition and rebellion. In combining ‘punk’ with the 1950s, my hope has been for the design process and journey to help me understand and break through the limitations from my past.

As Yves Saint Laurent said, “fashions fade, style is eternal.” With this in mind, my collection aims to showcase an edgy, yet timeless look. It grabs elements from the past, and pushes them further into the past where they didn’t already exist. Aesthetically, “Goodness Gracious!” draws inspiration from this classically elegant era, with timeless looks made famous by Dior and Balenciaga, with feminine silhouettes and shapes, dresses, synching at the waist, structures which accentuate the beautiful female form in a curvaceous hourglass manner. In direct contrast, there is the addition of “badass” punk features, expressing collective individualism via an exhibitionistic attitude, with ‘outrageous’ visual detailing, tartan, bold red and black colours, hardware accessories, safety pins and embellishments. “Goodness Gracious!” is also inspired by its future wearer: unique, sophisticated individual who has an aspect of fierceness and likes to stand out. This individual is ambitious, feminine and a mix of both sweet and sassy, cute and fierce.

Ultimately, my 1950s punk collection is a self-expression about becoming an individual, discovering my true self and growing into the person I am supposed to be. I hope you’ll enjoy coming along on the ride!


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